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Welcome to KEP – Your premier destination for quality engine parts, transmission parts, brake components, pins and bushings, final drive parts, pumps, seals and gaskets, filters, and other products for a wide range of machines.

As a leading provider of genuine, new CAT Parts and aftermarket solutions, we're your one-stop solution for enhancing the performance and longevity of your machinery

Moving Parts

Elevate the performance of your Track Type Tractors with our precision-engineered parts. From undercarriage components to engine essentials, we offer a comprehensive range that ensures durability and power, enabling smooth operation on even the toughest terrains.

KEP Services - Track Type Tractor CAT Parts

Additional Engine Parts

Elevate your machinery's performance with our top-quality Piston and Liner Bearings. These precision-engineered components are built to withstand tough conditions and minimise downtime, ensuring optimal functionality.

Piston and Liner Bearings for Efficient Machinery Performance.

Transmission Parts

Our high-quality transmission parts are built to ensure seamless Gear transitions, enhancing the performance and durability of your vehicle.

Gears for Precision and Reliability by KEP Services.

Brake Components

We provide a wide array of complete and spare parts, encompassing lift, tilt, steering, suspension cylinders, spherical bearings, seals, and every individual component, ensuring a comprehensive solution for your machinery needs.

Cylinders, CAT Parts, Caterpillar, CAT Parts UK

Pins and Bushings

Our Track Frame Pins is engineered to ensure that your machinery's tracks and undercarriages stay securely connected, even under the most challenging operating conditions.

Track Frame Pins for Sturdy Machinery Performance by KEP Services.

Final Drive Parts 

Experience precision and lasting performance with KEP Services' exceptional Pinions. Engineered for reliable power transmission in automotive and industrial machinery, these meticulously crafted components ensure unwavering equipment confidence.

"Pinions for Reliable Machinery Performance by KEP Services.


Explore premium Fuel Transfer Pump Parts at KEP Services for exceptional reliability and efficiency.

Fuel Transfer Solutions by KEP Services.

Seals and Gaskets 

Explore reliable Pin Seal Kits at KEP Services for optimal sealing and performance in your machinery.

Pin Seal Kits for Reliable Machinery Sealing by KEP Services.

Filters (For a wide range of machines)

Explore top-tier Fuel Filters at KEP Services, ensuring clean fuel and optimal machinery performance.

Fuel Filters for Clean and Efficient Machinery by KEP Services.

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