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Mining and Quarrying - Heavy Machinery CAT Parts

Your Global Source for Quality Mining and Quarrying Machinery Parts.

Are you in need of reliable, high-quality spare parts for your heavy machinery in the mining and quarrying industry? Look no further! KEP Services, based in the UK, is your trusted global partner in providing genuine, new, and aftermarket spare parts to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently.

KEP Services: Elevate drilling operations, enhance pumping efficiency, and ensure optimal flow control with our precision-engineered CAT components.

Material Extraction and Processing:

Heavy machinery is employed for excavation, drilling, and blasting to access valuable minerals and materials below the surface. This includes breaking down large rocks and ores into manageable sizes, facilitating further processing.

Mining Excavation

Material Handling and Transportation:

Heavy machinery is used to handle, move, and transport extracted materials within the mining or quarrying site. This involves loading materials onto trucks, conveyor belts, or other transportation methods, ensuring efficient movement and distribution.

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Site Preparation and Maintenance:

Heavy machinery aids in preparing the mining or quarrying site by dewatering, screening, and sorting materials. Additionally, it supports essential tasks like maintenance, repairs, and equipment upkeep to sustain operations and ensure machinery longevity.

Our expertise encompasses an array of offerings tailored to meet your energy needs:


  • Hydraulic Pumps: Vital for powering the excavator's hydraulic systems, ensuring efficient movement of the arm and bucket.

  • Track Chains and Shoes: Essential components that maintain stability and traction, crucial for heavy-duty excavation tasks.

  • Buckets and Teeth: High-quality buckets and teeth for optimal digging, breaking, and material handling


  • Blade Cutting Edges: Durable cutting edges to maintain precise leveling and earthmoving capabilities.

  • Transmission and Torque Converter Parts: Critical for power transfer and smooth operation, enhancing overall efficiency.

  • Undercarriage Parts: Including track shoes, rollers, and idlers for increased durability and stability.​​​

Wheel Loaders:

  • Bucket Linkage and Pins: Essential for efficient bucket movement and optimal load handling.

  • Engine Components: Parts like air filters, belts, and fuel injectors to maintain engine performance and fuel efficiency.

  • Brake Components: Brakes, discs, and calipers to ensure safe operation and control.

Crushers and Screens:

  • Crusher Liners: High-grade liners to protect the crusher components and optimize crushing performance.

  • Screens and Screen Media: Screens, mesh, and accessories for efficient screening and material separation.

Dump Trucks:

  • Suspension Parts: Including shock absorbers and suspension systems for smoother rides and enhanced stability.

  • Engine Cooling System Parts: Radiators, fans, and hoses to maintain the engine at optimal operating temperatures.

Drilling Machines:

  • Drill Bits and Tools: Durable and efficient drill bits for various drilling applications in the mining and quarrying processes.

  • Drill Rods and Casings: High-quality rods and casings to facilitate drilling operations.

Explore top-quality spare parts for heavy machinery in the mining and quarrying industry at KEP Services.

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