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Your Engine Parts Solution for Agricultural Heavy Machinery.

Here at KEP Services, we understand the critical role engine parts play in keeping your agricultural machinery running efficiently. We specialise in delivering high-quality engine components to ensure optimal performance and longevity for your agricultural equipment.

Agricultural Machines

Expertise in Agricultural Machinery:

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the agricultural industry, allowing us to provide precisely tailored engine parts for various types of heavy machinery used in farming and agriculture.

Agricultural Machine Parts

Quality Assurance:

We guarantee the quality of our engine parts, ensuring they meet or exceed industry standards. Our parts are sourced from reputable manufacturers to ensure reliability and durability.

Agricultural Machine Parts

Wide Range of Engine Parts:

We offer a comprehensive range of engine parts for agricultural machinery, including but not limited to: Pistons and Rings, Cylinder Heads, Gaskets and Seals, Filters, Injectors and Fuel Pumps and Belts and Pulleys to name a few. 

Here are some examples of engine parts we provide for agricultural heavy machinery:

Pistons and Rings:

High-quality pistons and rings designed to withstand the rigorous demands of agricultural machinery engines, ensuring efficient combustion and power generation.

Cylinder Heads:

Precision-engineered cylinder heads that optimise airflow and combustion, enhancing overall engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Gaskets and Seals:

Durable gaskets and seals to maintain a tight seal, preventing leaks and ensuring the engine operates at peak efficiency.


Reliable fuel and air filters to keep your engine clean and protect against contaminants, prolonging engine life and maintaining performance.

Injectors and Fuel Pumps:

Top-quality injectors and fuel pumps that deliver the right amount of fuel for optimal combustion, resulting in increased power and fuel efficiency.

Belts and Pulleys:

Strong and durable belts and pulleys that drive various engine components, ensuring smooth operation and reducing the risk of malfunctions.

Ensure your agricultural machinery operates at its best with KEP Services' top-tier engine parts.

Agricultural Machine Parts_edited.jpg
Agricultural Machine Parts_edited.jpg
Agricultural Machine Parts_edited.jpg
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